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Venetian Mirrors

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Venetian Mirrors

Venetian mirrors come in many forms, although they are known themselves as Venetian mirrors, they also take up the form of a beveled mirror or a frameless mirror - these styles feature a fully mirrored finish just like Venetian except with a slightly different finishes.

Mostly featuring engraved details, these funky mirrors are a desirable addition for anyone looking to add glass framed mirrors to their home for the purpose of practical and decorative design.

Alternatively, as we've just mentioned, you can add large frameless beveled mirrors or mirrored mirrors to achieve the same effect but with a different finish - these mirrors usually do not feature any engraved details like their Venetian counterpart.

Beveled Bathroom Mirror

Venetian mirrors, just like there closely related beveled and frameless mirrors, make for perfect bathroom mirror.

This is typical because they feature a sort of decorative design that isn't too overwhelming, ensuring that they can become a part of a space rather than take over it.

Designed with the intent of adding functionality to a room you need it the most, adding any one of these beveled vanity mirrors, large framed bathroom mirrors or a traditional Venetian mirror will be an ideal choice in getting a more completed look in your bathroom area

Antique Beveled Mirrors

Although you'd mostly find beveled glass mirrors in a modern style of home, due to their simple design, it is not uncommon to use a beveled vanity mirror in an antique french orientated interior

These types of mirror can be found amongst our Venetian mirror collection if that's something you're going for.

Ultimately, however, you decide to use these mirrors, you're going to be able to achieve a great combination of decorative and practical style wherever you plan on adding them in your home.