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Shabby Chic Mirrors

Shabby Chic Mirrors

Looing for the ultimate in shabby chic wall mirrors? Reflect365 have a wide selection of breathtaking pieces that will match any interior decor style.

From lightly distressed natural wood mirrors to a rustic ornate wall mirror, you will find the perfect shabby chic mirror for your home from us.

Ideal to brighten up any wall in your beautiful home, our selection of shabby chic wall mirrors are hndcrafted by experts and will last generations.

Decorative Framed Mirrors

Deco mirrors are an important aspect of any home, especially if you're trying to add the finishing touches to the design and practical aspects of the interior.

Using one of our black ornate mirrors or even a pair of vintage mirrors in your interior, you will be able to achieve the shabby chic look we all strive for in our own homes.

Long ornate mirrors are one of the best ways to achieve this look, however mini vintage mirrors and big decorative mirrors can achieve this look just as well - they are many options, all you have to do is decide which one you're wanting to add to your interior setting.

Shabby Chic Overmantle Mirrors

One of our largest collections is our overmantle mirrors, typically the shabby chic overmantle mirrors.

The reason this particular shabby chic decorative mirror style is our most popular collection is that shabby chic mirrors are typically very ornate in their detailing; So, they work perfectly as overmantle mirrors.

Vintage mirrors are similar to shabby chic mirror in the sense they take inspiration from history, both are equally perfect for the use of overmantle mirrors.

Using a shabby chic decorative mirror in collaboration with a set of vintage antique wall mirrors will allow you to get a finished look in your shabby chic orientated interior.