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Overmantle Mirrors

Overmantle Mirrors

From our wide range of wall mirrors, overmantle mirrors can make for another great addition above your mantlepiece, bringing out the best in your fire surround area.

There is no one design to overmantle mirrors, in fact, you could place any large mirror, beveled mirror or round mirror in this area, although there are some specific qualities you're going to want to look out for.

This quality usually consists of how dramatic and 'bright' the mirror is, starburst mirrors are a great example fo this as they are really eye-catching and in this case work brilliantly as a focal point overmantle mirror.

To get into it a little more, we're going to discuss the types of antique mirrors you can place above your fireplace that can act as overmantle mirrors which you will be able to find in our overmantle mirror collection on our official Reflect365 website.

Antique Overmantle Mirror

These are the obvious choice when it comes to overmantle mirrors, typically because this style anyway features very eye-catching decorative design so they will always work as a focal point piece, especially over your fireplace.

There are plenty types of these overmantle mirrors, like an antique brass overmantle mirror, antique gilt overmantle mirror, antique gold overmantle mirror and any other large antique overmantle mirror - these styles can all be found on our website.

Generally, even if its not specially meant for overmantle use, a large antique oval mirror can work just as well, any large antique mirror for that matter will work just as well since they carry the same features as a traditional overmantle mirror would.

Overmantle Mirror - Alternatives

To find the perfect overmantle mirror for your mantelpiece, it doesn't have to be specifically an 'overmantle mirror' from our collection. Most mirrors will do, however, there are a few things you should look out for when you're trying to find the perfect focal point mirror.

The mirror should feature design and colour that stands out, gold work perfectly for this. So any antique gold oval mirror from our mirror collection will be an ideal choice, alternatively, something like a large antique black framed mirror will work too, as long as he designs it eye-catching, it will work for you.

If you've looked through our overmantle mirrors and haven't yet found something you like, why not check out the rest of the wall mirror collections, there may still be something in there for you that can work as your very own overmantle mirror.