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Modern Mirrors

Modern Mirrors

Modern designs mixed with contemporary elements, these are the things that make up a range of desirable Modern Mirrors.

From typical modern designs to alternative and unique contemporary finishes, Reflect365 has it all when it comes to the best and latest contemporary mirror designs.

If you're looking for something a bit more traditional and focused towards the French style, check out our range of French Mirrors, which are equally as stunning.

Contemporary Mirrors

Contemporary mirrors are close, if not the same as modern mirrors. However, they feature a more traditional design than its modern counterpart.

Typically made of wood to create a contemporary wooden mirror, these mirrors come in many shapes and sizes to give you that ultra modern all mirror feel.

Contemporary frameless mirrors are another popular design which we offer, this is one of those modern unique mirrors you're going to want to as a large round contemporary mirror in your lounge area to create a focal point.

Large Contemporary Wall Mirrors

As we've said, our mirrors come in all shapes and sizes, typically our large sizes are out of stock as soon as they're in stock.

This is due to a trend in the market, extra large contemporary mirrors are a big thing, perhaps its a little alternative to modern style or because you're getting more for your money.

Whatever the reason, you're going to want to ensure you get your large modern decorative wall mirrors before they are out of stock and used to their full advantage in somebody else's home.