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French Mirrors

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French Mirrors

Beauty, elegance and charm are typically associated with French mirrors. With Reflect365's extensive collection of French mirrors, this has never been truer.

From delicately designed hand carved mahogany mirrors to an exuberant ornate grand mirror, the selection at Reflect365 is sure to have the perfect French style wall mirror for you.

Looking for something a bit more modern? Then be sure to take a look at our range of modern mirrors

French Antique Mirrors - Inspirational Designs

From our large collection of antique-looking mirrors, we have taken inspiration from classic antique French mirror designs.

All of our French style mirrors have been given a high-quality finish, ensuring that with each and every french style wall mirrors purchase, you will come away with a practical wall decor piece that can be added to any home.

Whether its an antique wood mirror or more in the style of a French style oval mirror, you will not be disappointed with how your home looks.

French Style Bathroom Mirrors

One of the ways you can take advantage of our stunning collection of French country bathroom mirrors is by using them in your very own bathroom areas.

Designed with passion, any antique decorative mirrors can be used as antique bathroom mirrors due to their simply beautiful design.

Adding them as a french style wall mirror in your bathroom,  will allow you to transform the entire space and allow you to finally have an area you can be proud of being a part of your home.