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Extra Large Mirrors

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Extra Large Mirrors

Adding one of our large framed mirrors to your home will allow you to get the stunning design that your home has always needed. Whether its an extra large decorative mirror, a cheval mirror or even a floor standing mirror, you will not be disappointed with your brand new addition.

Bespoke mirrors are an essential part of any home since they can give you a unique design that no one else features. This is even more apparent if you're already featuring one of our large decorative wall mirrors since you can bring decorative style in a more eye-catching way.

Ultimately, extra large framed wall mirrors are an addition that you're going to be keeping in your home for many years to come, whether that's in your bedroom or lounge area.

Cheval Mirrors

Cheval mirrors were made for the bedroom, so that's where they are most affective. You're certainly missing out on a stylish piece if you do not feature one of our cheval mirrors in your own personal haven, functionality and decoratively speaking.

Whether they feature an antique white finish to go along with your other decor or you're going to include a vibrant pink design, you'll never want to remove it from your bedroom because of the amount of style it is able to bring.

In the corner of your room or as a focal point piece, a cheval mirror will do wonders to elevate the decorative style your bedroom features.

Floorstanding Mirrors

Floor standing mirrors are like both extra large mirrors and cheval mirrors combined, except they are much larger than cheval mirrors and are always leaning up against a wall rather than hanging from it.

The reason these are so prominent in today's homes is that they offer a way of bringing design into your home in a bold and decorative manner so that you can have a stylish and functional focal point for your interior space.

Floor standing bedroom mirrors are amongst the most common way of finding this style in any home, similar to cheval mirror where they fit a specific purpose, although they can be added to a lounge or living room area if you've got the space handy.