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Vintage Wall Lights

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Antique Wall Lights

Add a variety of mood lighting to a variety of rooms with our beautiful collection of antique wall lights.

From vintage Saxon wall lgihts to more ornate or distressed shabby chic designed wall light, Reflect365's full selection will have the perfect piece for your home.

Ideal to create mood and ambiance, be sure to check out our selection of antique lighting for more truly wonderful lighting additions.

Antique Wall Light Fittings

Our antique wall lights will make for a tremendous impact to your home, offering you ad design you thought you wouldn't be able to achieve from wall lights.

Using them in your interior space, replacing your other wall lamps and adding a swing arm wall lamp instead will give you a design you have needed from a wall lamp design.

Once any of our light fittings are in your home, whether that's a small wall lamp or a wall mounted bedside lamp, your home will never be the same again.

Another great use for these lights is in your bathroom as bathroom wall lights, using these products in particular as bathroom wall lights for mirrors will allow you to get more centered lighting when you're applying your makeup.

Shabby Chic Wal Lights

Inspired by other great designs, just like antique swan neck wall lights, our shabby chic range also includes many styles of wall reading lamps and wall mount reading lamp that can transform the design and versatility of a room, ensuring you can create a space you love.

Alongside an antique brass single wall light, you're going to want to choose any number of plug-in wall lamps to help match and further accentuate the design.