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Wall Lights

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Wall Lights

Looking for the perfect way to modernise your home and walls alike? Then why not take a look at our simply stunning collection of modern wall lights available online now from Reflect365.

We have an exquisite range of modern wall lighting, from unique and quirky antler wall lights crafted from natural wood to our exqusite range of crystal wall lights. Our full range of modern wall lighting is sure to have the perfect piece to suit everyones taste and the ideal wall light to compliment any interior design scheme. Our full range of wall lights are available in a variety of colours and sizes. 

Looking for something a bit more vintage and aged? Then be sure to check out our full range of antique wall lights.

For Any Modern Home

Due to their versatile design, the designers of our beautiful range of modern wall lights have taken into account just how unique and quirky modern homes can be, because of this, they have given the lighting piece the ability to fit into many modern and contemporary settings.

Spreading useful light throughout any room in your home, these wall lights can be used as your only lighting in your home if you wish to create an ambient atmosphere, whether that's in your lounge, bedroom or dining area.

Designed to replace and update your current array of wall lights, our modern wall light collection will have something for every home and every room in the property.

Wall Lighting Made for any Room

Since they are versatile enough for any style of home, it was only fitting to give them the ability to work in any room. So whether you're lacking useful lighting in your bedroom,

or perhaps you're looking for more ambient lighting in your lounge area to help you create a calming and relaxing feel, our modern wall lights will be just what you're looking for.

Always In Fashion

We've spoken about how versatile they are for the modern home, being able to fit into many kinds of rooms to help compliment the surrounding furniture and decor but our modern wall lights will fit into these places for many years to come.

Due to their modern design, which reflects many years of research, each lighting piece in our catalog has been designed with the intention of being able to be a part of your home for many decades.

We have achieved this by making sure to create lighting sources than can easily become a part of any interior setting and fulfill their need in that room, whether that's blending or accentuating the current area it finds itself in.

So if this benefit sounds like something you just have to have in your home, then featuring one of our modern wall lights, replacing your old ones and finally bringing in practical and decorative lighting to your home is something you're going to want to order today.

Types of Lighting for your Wall

There are many types of modern wall lighting that you can add to your home, this depends on the sort of furniture and decor you already feature which determines what sort of lighting is going to work best for you.

Because there are many types of lighting for your home it can be quite hard to find the perfect one for you, to help, we have compiled this short list of the types of wall lighting we have on offer for you to order today.

Wall Sconces

Wall scones commonly feature a sleek silver finish, making them the perfect addition to any quirky style of the modern home as well as one that features more traditional pieces. Along with this, it also does well to accentuate the decor you have in your home

because of this, you're going to want to add this particular style of wall light in your home if its decor you're mainly after - although they do bring a great deal of lighting on their own so these are great if you're looking for a combination of both.

Wall scones are not limited to a silver finish since they can also look stunning in gold and other metal like colours, we also offer this type of style which is very niche for some homes but they will look beautiful if they match the surrounding decor and furniture well enough.

Wall Lamps

Wall lamps, which go under the catch-all term of 'wall lighting' have their own unique and specific design, which many people seem to overlook when they're int he marketing for a lighting piece.

Wall lamps are what you would appear to find on your table, table lamps, although they have been modified and designed for the purpose of wall hanging. These pieces typically feature a shade rather than a stand-alone bulb.

They are superb if you're looking to great an ambient feel in your home interior, one that is able to turn any lounge or family area into a calm and relaxing place when you can spend your time alone or with your family and friends.

Wall lamps also come in many different styles, unlike wall sconces they feature know specific guidelines making them great for anyone looking for some extra wall lighting, so there is no doubt there is going to be a design that fits your home interior.

Brass Wall Lights

Whether this is actual brass or brass effect lighting is up to you, we do both and we think both are just as good as eachother and like anything in design it comes down to personal preference.

Brass lighting is best used in interiors that already feature a netural design, we would recommend staying away from something like this if you feature a clean modern design.

With their effect or brass like finish, you're going to find that these types of interior lights are ideal for any home looking to add to the alternative design of the interior.