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Table Lamps

From a simplistic traditional desk lamp to a uniquely designed chrome lamp, our full and extensive range of modern table lighting from Reflect365 can accessorise and modernise any room in an instant.

Available in a wide selection of colours, styles and sizes our stylish variety of table lamps will add charm in any modern home setting providing the perfect way to add a touch of light or simply to accessorise.

Types of Table Lamps We Offer

At Reflect365, we understand that everyone's different, and because of this, everyone home is different too. We all want to show off our own personality while keeping the integrity of our home intact.

Because of this, we offer many different types of table lamps for your home, from modern to chrome, to contemporary and gold.

Choosing just one of our table lamps will be a hard decision, so why not buy more?

If you're struggling as to what style of table lamps your home needs, perhaps you're looking to match it with a floor lamp, check out all of the lamps we offer below:

Modern Table Lamps

Replacing your standard lamp with one of our modern lamps will allow you to bring some contemporary style to your home.

Whether you're going to use it as a bedside lamp or just a large table lamp light in your lounge or dining area,

we can promise that you will not be disappointed with your purchase.

Modern table lamps take many forms, typically one of our customers' favourites is a tripod table lamp, since they offering an alternative to a typical table lamp base.

However this is just one idea of what sort of modern lamp could best suite your home, you are not limited to just a tripod lamp.

Modern Desk Lamp

Amongst fulfilling their use as bedside table lamps, a modern desktop lamp can impact your studying or reading more than ever before.

OFfering controlled light that can be directed wherever you may need it, add a desk table lamp to your office or study will finally allow you to complete that tricky and complex project.

Contemporary Table Lamps

Finding a lamp for a bedroom can be tricky since you're probably not sure what style your interior needs as well as what type of lamp you're going to need.

However, if you look throughout the extensive table light range, you will no doubt find the perfect bedroom lamp for your interior.

Once added, you will finally be able o replace any old large table lamps you were previously using.

Gold Table Lamp

To specifically mention one of our favorite types of table lamps (as well as one of our customers' favourites) is the gold table lamps found on our website.

Upon purchase, a gold table lamp is able to add an extensive amount of style to any interior setting due to their striking finish.

If you're in search for small table lamps for living room or bedrooms then look no further.

Chrome Table Lamps

Chrome table lamps are another one of our specialists with our table lamp range.

These are similar to the crystal table lamp as they appear to reflect the same amount of light and also brighten up space just as well, however they are more suited for a modern lighting area.

Bouncing light around your home regardless if it's on or off, this style of table lamp will make for the perfect daylight lamp and night time lamp.

Glass Table Lamps

Glass table lamps, although they sound overly fancy like a Tiffany table lamp, fit in with many styles of a modern home.

This is because this style of lighting has its based coloured in, meaning the glass is full of colour rather than be a combination of see-through and reflective which you might find with one of our antique french style table lamps.