Where would we be today without light & lighting trends? Even worse, where would we be without lighting in our own homes? Fire was once the greatest thing before sliced bread. Candles, torches and lanterns were from the natural source for long cold nights where the sun would be our eyes during the day.

Since man existed, we have used light to guide our journey to bring us to the modern age today. Can you imagine explaining to a 10th century person that you can control light that's embedded in a wall with a simple switch? You'd be burned alive! But enough about modern witchcraft, let's see what lighting trends we have for today in 2020.


Are crystal chandeliers out of style?

Absolutely not. Chandelier comes from the French word 'chandelle', which translates into candle. As there is still a need for candles, there's no doubt that chandeliers still have their use. These date back to the 9th century where large expensive candles were used to hang underneath wooden ceilings, probably not the best ideas. However, with time the design has improved to what we see today.


There are more styles than the classic cut glass-look you see everywhere. With LED these days it has become easier to mix up and go a little more abstract with styling. Geometric shapes have have taken the modern home by storm, brass or black shades, light mapping and shapes give off a futuristic look. Collaborating multiple materials can produce an interesting effect, these materials can be glass, metal, wood and more.

Modern Chandelier - Sterling Light 15



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OLED and other organic materials

With the increasing demand for natural materials we see the rise of OLED in not just in standard lighting but in various electronics in our homes. OLED is a light emitting diode where electroluminescent layers of organic film is used to produce the light.


Organics are used for the base of which the light is carried. This can be a lamp, lamp's shade, rods, wires, frames and more. You'll find natural materials from marble, wood, stone, metals and the classic, glass.

LED Modern Tube Light Tall



Wall lights

If you want absolute style, look no further than wall lights. Or, a "sconce", this is fixture that typically produces light upwards. You can also buy wall lights that go in both directions so your choice is not limited.


These include not only interior but exterior as well that come in various shapes, sizes, materials and styles. It is impossible to not find a style that suits your interiors design. Usually they are for decoration, but if done correctly, you can illuminate your entire room.

Modern Wall Light Brass - Orly



Modern Wall Light White - Alabaster



Brass, gold and black


Opaque lamp shades have always been in a continuous trend. With recent years, gold has been steadily climbing back into design as well. Now we're seeing more and more of the gold/brass black combination of lighting. Typically this trends comes with a large black opaque cone with a golden coloured base.

You may find gold to be tacky but when its paired up with black colouring, you might find some new inspiration for your next interior design. This is what you can call modern luxury, an authoritative yet stylish look to add to your home.

Antique French Wall Light Polished Brass - Dauphine


Antique French Style Wall Light Black & Gold - Baronial



Rattan style


Going natural and organic is in and here to stay. This is also the case when it comes to lamp shades. Rattan lamp shades have been around for a while but are becoming increasingly more popular.

Rattan can be found growing from Africa, Asia and Australia. It's vine-like in appearance and has over 600 species of its kind. Rattan is strong, light and durable, so it makes for great furniture and even better lamp shade decorations.


Looking for something light, fairly inexpensive, natural and stylish? Rattan is the way to go.


What's next for lighting trends for 2020?

We hope to see more cost effective, light weight materials that can be installed, hassle free for just about any kind of interior lighting & interior design trends in 2020.

An interesting style of lighting comes from Joanie Lemercier's twitter and his tweets on "room mapping". This appears to be a concept where light emanates from corners of the buildings interior, tightly hugging right angles of ceilings to blocky skirting boards. This slaps traditional wall fixtures into space with an embedded, futuristic take on modern lighting.

Which we approve of. Greatly.

An example of room mapping using strip LEDs

An example of room mapping using strip LEDs

An example of room mapping using strip LEDs

An example of room mapping using strip LEDs