If you are looking to create a traditional French house, you will have to think of redecorating it, replacing some of its state-of-the-art furniture and buying new items that correspond to the French style. Whitewashed wooden furniture or whitewashed mirrors are becoming quite popular for modern homemakers trying to create a traditional French look and feel and these can be purchased quite cheaply.

Alternatively you can purchase some old colonial furniture which you can restore yourself; there are some great old oak and pine kitchen tables around that look great restored. With a genuine Provencal tablecloth your kitchen is on its way to acquiring a traditional French flavor.

Antique brass chandeliers

Transforming your home to reflect a Provence style charm requires a few rustic accessories or lighting to offset all the modern electrical devices you probably have around the home. Purchase some old style pieces of glassware, basket ware for the kitchen, tablecloths for your tables and some old enamelware or modern reproductions for flowers, to use as a fruit bowl, or for a wash basin. Set on top of some rustic timber furniture, enamelware produces that rustic French feel of Provence.

There are some lovely French bedspreads available which look great on a rustic wooden or wrought iron bed and even transform an ensemble into a traditional looking feature. Raw wooden bedside tables and cupboards will give the room a rustic old style character. An old enamelware wash basin on a traditional old washstand is also a great bedroom feature to create atmosphere.

Framed watercolor prints of country landscapes are also in keeping with that rustic French style and can be purchased as individual prints and framed using rough wooden frames which you can pick up second hand and refurnish. Ready framed prints are also available from suppliers of French traditional interior decoration accessories if you prefer to buy them ready made. If you are thinking of redecorating, then paint the walls in very light pastels, bordering on white.

Any timber that is in the house surrounding doorways, skirting boards and beams should be left natural timber and sanded back if it is painted, as this is in keeping with country cottages in Provence. Any old timber furniture that you have can be restored easily and will be better than modern pieces for creating the traditional country feel.

For those of you that are redecorating or renovating the flooring can also be easily made to resemble that of a Provencal French home. Traditional Provencal floors are made from colored mosaic tiles in warm reds, oranges and browns. The intricate patterns are quite distinctive and specific patterns have been used for hundreds of years. They are formed from hexagonal tomettes of different colors joined together, forming intricate patterns.

Cement tiles are also popular in Provence and have also been around for several hundred years as well. Both are extremely long lasting and durable and are easy to clean as well as stain resistant. Laying terracotta mosaic tiles or cement tiles, will immediately create a Provencal feel to your home and suitable tiles are available from tile suppliers.

Light up Your Interiors With French Style Furniture

French furniture is usually made with durable hardened wood that lasts for decades. It could be a mirrored bedside table, a dressing table, side table or a dining table or an elegant bed. Graceful curves are one of the characteristics of these furniture. For example if you buy a French style sofa for your living room, you will find the sophisticated carving on the wood at its backrest, armrest and on the legs too. Its elaborate, embossed carving is very attractive. It is great to invest in a piece of French style furniture as these add to the ambiance of the home.

By using only French-style furniture in the house, it is not necessary to use other attractive decorative elements since each item of French furniture has its own beauty quotient and needs no other accessories for complete it.

This article discusses in details about one such item of French style furniture, the "Chaise longue", that is one of the most wonderful pieces of French furniture."Chaise lounge" is a French term which indicates a 'long chair' that comes in different forms and design like cushion chaise lounge, leather chaise lounge, convertible chaise lounge to name a few and is used for decorating houses, offices, spas, cafes or many other settings.

They are generally made from timber, metal, and some other components. Now-a-days chaise lounges are available in many stylish models that look good as well as offer convenience as well. They are usually available at most of the furnishings shops and online retailers.These long chairs add to the beauty of surroundings apart from offering a convenient spot to rest and relax.

These have of late been becoming a vogue and have traditionally been the choice of the wealthy classes. To provide them such look these seats are covered in the finest of the materials and no other seating piece can be compared with the chaise lounges as these add an altogether different ambiance to the place.

So if you have got bored with regular arrangement of your furniture consider bringing home a chaise lounge and become the first among your friends relatives and neighbors to embrace the icon of style and opulence however there are different variants of French style furniture is available in the market that you could consider such as Provincial, Parisian and Royal each of which lends a different but beautiful and elegant look.